Under the wise policy of Our Honorable President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov a great attention is paid to the Sea and River Transport of our country. Turkmenbashi  city Maritime secondary professional school of “Turkmendenizderyayollary” Agency of ministry of Industry and Communication of Turkmenistan was founded by the decree No 13718 “About creating specialized secondary schools in our country” of the President of Turkmenistan issured on 21st of June, 2014.

Maritime Secondary school prepares specialists on sea sphere and other sectors of the national economy:

  1. Navigation

  2. Exploitation of ship energy installation

  3. Power supply

  4. Ship-repair

  5. Economy and management

  6. Accounting and financing

  7. Food technology

  8. Technological machines and devices

  9. Organizing and logistics of sea transportation

  10. Hotel services and tourism

  11. Environmental protection and economical consume of natural resources

There are classrooms in school, equipped with computer technologies, multimedia equipment and corresponding to the world standard. Lectures and practical lessons are taught according to the special curriculum. Turkmenbashi International Sea port creates a great opportunity for the students to practice their education gained in theory. Practical lessons are organized on special directions for students in the Sea port. They exchange experiences with experienced workers. Beside the lesson’s students can use modern computer room and library. There is a dormitory, dining-room, football and volleyball court in the territory of school, too.

Our Honorable President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov pays a great attention to the sphere of education. All opportunities are created for the Turkmen youth to become educated, having broad outlook, being able to use nowadays modern technology Great work is done for the students for their chosen and to make their own contribution to the development of country.


Director: Begenchgeldi Hanmammedov
Phone: +993 243 47515
E-mail: hanmammedow.b@gmail.com

Deputy director for training and production work:
Bayramgylych Esenov

Phone/Fax: +993 243 47778
E-mail: gamisuzijiler@gmail.com

Deputy director of education:
Gurbanbibi Orayevna Annagulyyeva

Phone: +993 243 47779
E-mail: ecoeco484@gmail.com

Chief of training department:
Bahar Ilmammedovna Gonurjayeva

Phone: +993 243 47497
E-mail: Llogistik619@gmail.com

Phone: +993 243 47515
Fax: +993 243 47887

Address: 745000, Turkmenistan, Balkan region, Turkmenbashi city, D. Azady street, 75.

Turkmenbashi city Marine Secondary Professional School
Turkmenbashi city Marine Secondary Professional School
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