A world full of happiness…

“Deniz” Hotel combines recreation, entertainment and sport for you. It offers you a world full of happiness eith its luxurious accommodating facilities and rich living spaces. Located in Awaza, the tourism center of Turkmenistan, “Deniz” Hotel is the most comprehensive and the most comfortable facility in this region. Situated at the coast of the Caspian Sea, the hotel has a unique location with almost 1 kilometer long beach. Located in a 20 km distance from the center of Turkmenbashi, and 25 km from the Turkmenbashi International Airport, the hotel invites you to experience a new world with the “Deniz” Hotel.




A world full of comfort…

“Deniz” Hotel offers various accommodation options to help you enjoy this  joyful ambiance.

You eill discover the joy of unlimitedservices in the rooms that are prepared to increase your pleasure….




A word full of life…

“Deniz” Hotel not only promises non-stop entertainment but sport facilities to fulfill all of your needs.

Unlimited excitement waits for you with the open air sport fields and fitness. The facility turns into a complete living center with 2 different places to eat or drink where you can enjoy your time after sport and special place of each age to have fun and to rest.




A word full of joy…

Swimming pools for different ages with different sizes are placed all over the facility. For adults, there is an outdoor swimming pool and indoor heated pool and pool is available children.

Fun and joy continue nonstop at the disco, spa-hamam, children’s club, cinema and play rooms of the facility. During the week, special events are organized with various themes such as Turkmen Night, Turkish Night. Also, the corner shops within the facility where you can buy souvenirs to unforgettable memories with you when you leave.

“Deňiz” Hotel Economic Society


Head: Eziz Annamammeovich Bayramgulyyev
Phone: +993 243 39001
Phone: +993 243 39010, 39011, 57641
Email: denizavaza@gmail.com
Address: Turkmenistan, National touristic zone of “Avaza”, Arkadag shayoly street.

“Deňiz” Hotel Economic Society
“Deňiz” Hotel Economic Society
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