“”Balkan” Shipbuilding and Repairing Yard” OJSC is the first step in shipbuilding industry and will contribute greatly to our national economy and to the maritime and river transportation sector of our country.


Yard’s manufacturing capacity is designed to build 4-6 ships, by processing 10,000 tons of steelstructure per year, thanks to modern technological equipment and automation systems in line with international standards. Besides that, this manufacturing facility has the full capacity to repair and maintain 20-30 ships by processing 2,000 tons of steel structure per year.


On the shipbuilding and repairing yard, a 10,000 ton capacity ship lifting and slipway system was installed to launch newly constructed and repaired ships or lift ships from water surface for maintenance.


Wheeled cranes with 84 ton lifting capacity, as well as, 42, 64 and 80 ton lifting capacity rail cranes will also be used for manufacturing works of various purposes at the yard.

Departments related to ship design, project management, procurement, repair, manufacturing, maintenance, quality and labor safety within the yard’s management system will opearate in a coordinated manner.


A total of 1160 people will be employed in this yard of 166,000 square meters.


General Director: Begench Yunusovich Akyyev
PHone: +993 243 49440
Deputy General Director
Phone: +993 243 49444; 49441;
Phone/Fax: +993 243 49522
E-mail: balkanshipyard@gmail.com

OJSC "Shipbuilding and Repair Yard “Balkan”"
OJSC "Shipbuilding and Repair Yard “Balkan”"
OJSC "Shipbuilding and Repair Yard “Balkan”"
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