Türkmenawtoulaglary Offers Cargo Transportation Services with Kamaz 5490 and NefAZ-93341

The Ashgabat automobile enterprise of the Türkmenawtoulaglary agency offers cargo transportation services using Kamaz 5490 and NefAZ-93341 trucks with covered semi-trailers, reports the Türkmenawtoulaglary Agency on Tuesday.

According to the report, the cost of operating these trucks with a load capacity of 30 tons is 150 (one hundred and fifty) manats per hour.

The weight of the Kamaz 5490 truck, designed for transporting various cargoes, is 7,900 kilograms.

The NefAZ-93341 semi-trailer is designed for transporting various cargoes on public road systems. The vehicle, capable of carrying a load of 33.5 thousand kilograms, features compact technical characteristics. It is also capable of transporting containers of types 1AA, 1A, 1AX, 1BB, 1B, 1BX, 1CC, 1C, 1CX, 2x1CC, 2x1C.