Congratulations on the Award!

Every day of the Turkmen people is dedicated to the celebration of the year of the “Era of the People with Arkadag”. These days, our Motherland Turkmenistan worthily celebrates the 31st anniversary of its independence.

Our comrades, who have made a worthy contribution to this solemn day of the dear Motherland with their hard work, are rewarded with the good venerable President, they are given honorary names.

Witnessing such happy days, our colleagues from the Agency "Turkmendenizderyayollary" under the Agency of Transport and Communications of Turkmenistan and their hardworking colleagues in its subordinate institutions and enterprises, awarded the medal of the President, inspired them to new painstaking work.

 Sincere applause and thanks to our colleagues who deserved the award were heard with great pride.

Turkmenistan is a country where every opportunity has been created to work hard and enjoy hard work. May each of you be happy to see the fruits of honest labor in such a beautiful country, earn honor, success and be awarded the President's Prize!

Congratulations, dear colleges!