New investments for shipbuilding projects

 The day-to-day development of all the economic sectors of our country is a result of the foreign policy of our esteemed President.

Significant changes have taken place in recent years in the maritime and river transport industry, which will be reflected in history as key moments in the development of maritime transport in Turkmenistan.

Among them, we can mention not only the construction of a new Turkmenbashi international seaport, but also the improvement of the technical base of our national fleet. Due to the care of our Esteemed President, a number of state-commissioned and purchased vessels are currently making international flights to foreign ports under the national green flag of Turkmenistan. This undoubtedly contributes to the increase of our country's international prestige on the world stage.

In the Program of socio-economic development of the country for 2019-2025, it is planned to build several new vessels of various types and purposes. The vessels are planned to be built at the production facilities of the Balkan Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant. Earlier, the Distinguished President signed a decree on financing shipbuilding projects jointly with the OPEC International Development Fund and the Islamic Development Bank. This is a clear evidence of the step-by-step, successful implementation of the national program.

The resolution signed by our Leader of the Nation provides for financing the construction of two «RO-RO» ferries and one dry cargo vessel. Technical characteristics of the “Ro-Ro” vessel; length - 154.5 m, breadth - 17.5 m, depth - 7.5 m, draught - 4.5 m, capacity of wagons-56, cars-50- passengers-50. The technical characteristics of the dry cargo vessel and container ship are as follows; length-109.10 m, breadth - 16.70, depth - 5.5 m, draught - 3.60/4.60, deadweight - 3600/5100 tons, container capacity 136. The construction of these vessels is planned in the near future, and with the commissioning of new vessels, a positive impact will be achieved on the further development of maritime transport cooperation of the Caspian states.

In recent years, due to the efforts of our President, new factories have been built and put into operation in our country, and the export potential of our country has increased several times. The importance of ships that will be built for the export of goods produced in our country is growing.

The «RO-RO» ferry will allow to transport railway wagons, vehicles and passengers. The dry cargo vessel will have a significant impact on the provision of services for the transportation of export goods of the country.

The successful implementation of projects aimed at the development of the national fleet of our country will have a significant impact on increasing the cargo turnover of the maritime transport complex of our country and on the development of logistics.

We express our gratitude to our National Leader for creating and implementing such opportunities!